5 Ways to stop children fight with each other in the house

Some basic steps to stop children fight with each other at home and when children are skeptical, they often fight with other at home on small issues. Many times it comes to beating and beat. It has also been seen in some cases, children learn to abusive. In such a situation, it is your responsibility to explain them as a parent so that your children do not learn bad things and do not feel jealous or mutual feelings among themselves. Little fight with brother or sister raises love for each other but many times if the fight is over, children begin to feel jealous of each other and beat them. In such a way, with the help of these tips, you can convince such children and control their habits.

Some important tips to stop children fight with each other

stop children fight with each other

Ask children to write each other’s glory

When the children are normal and happy, then ask all the children present in the house to write each other’s happiness. Write praise to your brother or sister as much as your child may be. For this, you can give them a small diary and after giving the merits of each other, they can give some gifts. (Read More: Does Children have a Digital Addiction? Solution)

Now whenever these children fight each other, give them a diary written by the words of your brother or sister, and tell them that they are fighting with the brother and sister even for a small matter despite all these good things.

Remind each other’s help

Try to stop children fight with each other when children quarrel, remind them of each other’s help. Often the children of the house help each other in small things, but when they fight each other, they see each other’s mistakes. In such a situation, you can remind the children during the fight, how their brother / sister helped him.

Listen to the children’s whole thing

Often, after the battle, the children come to you with a complaint from each other. In such a situation, immediately after listening or explaining something to a child, listen to the children’s whole story. When you listen to the whole point of both sides, you can explain both correctly. Apart from this, there is also a psychology that when the children tell each other the mistakes you make, their anger slowly becomes calm. (Read More: Use these tips, why children often get up at night?)

Do not discriminate

Sometimes parents take part in judging children’s disputes like – often giving decisions in favor of a small child or often having a big child responsible for fault etc. Parents are often said to say, “It is so small that is why it is doing so but you should grow up, you should have understood” Such things can create jealousy for each other in children. So, instead of making a mistake, explain to both the children and by this way you can stop children fight with each other.

Entangle in other work

When the children fight more and the fight between them is not over, then engage them in some work. Just like them make something to eat or send them to play or say something. With this, children will forget about the quarrels when they are busy with other things.

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