Effect of ADHD on Children and Adaults

Effect of ADHD i.e. Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is dangarous and generally considered to be a big problem, but now a days this disorder is coming more and more in young children. Forgetting things, getting depressed over talk, being distraught, restless, addictive etc are the main symptoms of this disorder. Generally, the disorder is more prevalent in school children. According to an estimate, ADHD affects between 4% to 12% of children in the school. Apart from this, boys have more of these problems than girls. Let’s tell you what is ADHD and how different is the ADHD in children and adults.

What is ADHD and its effects?

ADHD means that Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a brain-related disorder that can occur both in children and adults. According to a research, 1 in 20 people in India are victims of this disorder. Although children are more likely to be the part of this disease. On the occurrence of this disorder, there are some strange changes in the behavior of the person and memory becomes weak too. In other words, Attention deficit hyperactivity i.e. ADHD means that it is not able to properly use the ability to focus on anything. In fact, this problem arises due to the weakness of the brain due to the use of certain chemicals. (Read More: 4 Benefits of Probiotics for Babies | Essential for the health)

Effect of ADHD

Different symptoms in children and adults

ADHD is such a problem, which can be the victim of any age. There are different symptoms of this disorder in children and adults. Usually, school children see the following symptoms.

  • Making a lot of mistakes in schools and at home with negligence.
  • Do not abide by the child’s instructions, do not listen to them or pay attention to them.
  • Not do any work correctly.
  • Forget about notebooks and homework.
  • To forget things and to be very playful
  • Not sitting in a place, be disturbed
  • Unable to wait for your turn, restraint.
  • Shouting in class often.

The symptoms of ADHD are different in adults

  • Easily dump attention from anything.
  • Not planned
  • Forget about things
  • Troubles in things
  • Always delay.
  • Always be sad
  • Stay in Depression
  • Having a job problem
  • Be nervous about anything
  • Addiction to drugs or other drug addiction
  • Having problems related to relationships.

What are the causes of ADHD?

Not yet accurate information about certain causes of ADHD has been found. But many reasons are estimated such as genetic reasons, due to hormonal imbalances in the body, excessive consumption of sugar and refined foods, premature birth And no serious injury to the head etc. (Read More: Does Children have a Digital Addiction? Solution)

What is the treatment of ADHD

If the teacher informs you that your child has difficulty reading, its behavior is different from other children and if there is problem in paying attention contact the specialist. The problem of ADHD is not a common thing in children, but parents should consult the psychiatrist as soon as the symptoms of ADHD appear. Medicinal treatment can be given to remove this problem in children. To recover this, many types of therapies are used such as psychotherapy (counseling), behavioral therapy, dance therapy and play therapy. The elders should contact the psychiatrist if they see symptoms of ADHD.

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