Why do children suddenly cry in the night?

Children often cry, children’s cry is common at every age. The reason for the children suddenly cry, baby cannot express their point of view, so that they resort to crying to tell their point of view. The children’s crying is deeply interconnected. That’s why your children resort to crying to speak their own words. Well there may be other reasons for the child to cry, which you should understand. But the question arises why children cry during the night. Suddenly, children get up in sleep and start crying. You have also experience with your baby, suddenly start to woken up READ MORE

Health Benefits of Lemon for babies

It is not very easy to take care of new born baby and many mother do not know the benefits of Lemon for babies. Since the infant’s immune system is very low, the effect of the change on the babies is very quick. Some common problems of infants can be easily corrected by the using of home remiedies . As we all know lemon is very potent and has a lot of health benefits. Since lemon is sour and acidic, there is a lot of questions in the minds of many mothers, is it okay to give lemon to the READ MORE

Breastfeeding Importance for mothers

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling of this world. This happiness is more than the first time a mother becomes a mother. At the same time, there are many kinds of difficulties for becoming a mother for the first time. Baby care, breast feeding, baby cleansing, her health etc. many things come first in mother’s life. Breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and child in many ways. Mother’s milk contains essential nutrients that help your child’s health enhancement and development. It is easy to digest and it also has disease-resistant potential than commercial food items which is helpful READ MORE