Effect of ADHD on Children and Adaults

Effect of ADHD i.e. Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is dangarous and generally considered to be a big problem, but now a days this disorder is coming more and more in young children. Forgetting things, getting depressed over talk, being distraught, restless, addictive etc are the main symptoms of this disorder. Generally, the disorder is more prevalent in school children. According to an estimate, ADHD affects between 4% to 12% of children in the school. Apart from this, boys have more of these problems than girls. Let’s tell you what is ADHD and how different is the ADHD in children and READ MORE

Important for newborn care of babies for first 28 days

Everyone must know the important for newborn care of babies for first 28 days. And mother always worries about the health of their child. Even if the infant has just born, then the anxiety of the mother increases because in the first few months the baby needs additional care. In fact, for the health of the baby, the first 28 days after birth are very important. Because in the womb of the mother, arrangements like infant are found, out of the womb i.e., after coming into the world, they do not feel very secure at the beginning. The care taken READ MORE

Benefits of saffron for babies: Tips for health improvement

Saffron is such a thing which is very beneficial for everyone, but its benefits for children are even more intense. These are some benefits of saffron for babies and young children’s immune system is very weak because of which he is in the grip of early diseases. Today we are telling you the benefits of saffron for newborn and young children. Saffron not only keeps the child healthy but also mentally strong. (Read More: 4 Benefits of Probiotics for Babies | Essential for the health) So let’s know what its benefits of saffron for babies- Rub saffron with the sandalwood and READ MORE

5 Ways to stop children fight with each other in the house

Some basic steps to stop children fight with each other at home and when children are skeptical, they often fight with other at home on small issues. Many times it comes to beating and beat. It has also been seen in some cases, children learn to abusive. In such a situation, it is your responsibility to explain them as a parent so that your children do not learn bad things and do not feel jealous or mutual feelings among themselves. Little fight with brother or sister raises love for each other but many times if the fight is over, children READ MORE

Use these tips, why children often get up at night?

Why children often get up at night and then you have to with them as long as they do not sleep. Next day in the morning, they do not feel refresh and they became angry time to time. At that time, they are needed to have a pleasant atmosphere with beloved Lori and mother’s lap. Baby feels relaxed by listening to Lori from their mother and even today child feels happy after listening Lori. Slowly and sweetly sung, Lori’s child has a lot of influence on the brain, listening to it, they gradually start moving towards sweet sleep. Lullaby is READ MORE

Does Children have a Digital Addiction? Solution

In the past decade, the use of screen devices have been increased in people, its serious consequences has been seen in various children. Do your know how does children have a digital addiction problem, and know the best solution. Now day’s children are surrounded by these electronic devices throughout the day. Two-three year olds have become comfortable to play games on mobile and laptops, listen to songs, watch videos and operate these devices. Many times, children become so accustomed to these devices that they start a ruckus if they do not get it. All of them are having a bad READ MORE

4 Benefits of Probiotics for Babies | Essential for the health

Probiotics are essential for the health of children; learn benefits of Probiotics for Babies and resources. Probiotics are becoming very popular now a days among the people and everyone wants to know importance for their children. Nutrition is very high in probiotics and plays important role for baby growth. In addition, it prevents harmful bacteria and germs from being active in the body, so people are now using these foods. Probiotics are also very beneficial for children, so babies should also consume these foods. What are probiotics? Probiotic are the living microorganisms, which are found naturally in our intestines. In READ MORE

What is the ideal weight for newborn babies?

According to doctors, Ideal weight for newborn babies determines his future health and disease resistance. The nutrition of the baby in the body depends upon the daily meal of the mother. But also from the accumulated food in her body. And to this extent, the health of the child depends largely on the nutrition of the mother’s life. That is why the weight of the baby at the time of birth depends on the pregnancy and nutrition given to the mother. The growth of the baby is due to its physical growth, measured with body weight, length, diameter of head READ MORE

Child is deteriorating in friendship, 10 things to give attention

Child is deteriorating in friendship, children learn a lot from the people around them and their family members. When the children grow up a little bit, they are friends around the house or in school they are friends with some other boys. In this age, children have more impact on family than friends and children learn many good habits in friendship. Friendship is a lovely relationship, but in childhood, children do not know the difference between good friends and bad friends. Parents are often worried about the behavior of their children. They do not understand the behavior of the child. READ MORE

Baby teeth care tips

Most of us believe that there is no need to baby teeth care because they will be broken. However, attention should be given for baby milk teeth also. If the milk starts to worsen, then the roots of the teeth of the children begin to worsen. Dental care and good dental hygiene should be part of your small child’s daily routine. It will keep teeth healthy and disease free, and a good habit will start for the future too. Let’s learn about the steps for caring for the baby’s teeth.   Dental care measures As soon as the child gets READ MORE